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360 Degree Rotation Swivel Cushion


The elderly, kids, pregnant women, or injured persons can EASILY get in & out of your car with the 360 Degree Rotation Swivel Cushion!

Rotating Seat Cushion

Sit & spin freely on this cushion in full 360 degrees. You can enter & exit from the car seat without straining your joints, back, hip & leg muscles

It offers a soft, comfortable & zero-limitation seating experience during your road trip. The anti-slip base firmly stays in place even when you spin fast on slippery car seats.

The seat is made with NON-SLIP MATERIAL, so the cushion stays in place no matter how much you spin on the seat.

Rotating Seat Cushion

The seat provides PRESSURE RELIEF for your back and hips to keep your body comfortable during the ride.

    Rotating Seat Cushion


    • Get In and Out of Car Easily. Just spin around to get out of your car easily!
    • Soft, Breathable and Comfortable. Reduces strain on joints, back & hip muscles that are used every day to sit & stand
    • Anti-slip Base - Ensure the cushion to stay firmly in place 
    • Suitable for small, limited spaces in cars